Piano Tuning Cost


Great… I’ll know exactly what I am paying!

That’s right, we use a flat rate appointment fee structure. There are no hidden fees, added fees, or pressure to spend more money. We hate the idea of using a low quote price to get in the door and then pressure you for more money… it’s just awkward. Our services below include everything listed and we offer a line by line written condition report with clear estimates for any additional work we feel would be helpful to improve your piano beyond tuning. We also never pressure you into something you don’t understand and we provide an online learning center with PDF downloads so you can think about it and make an educated decision based on your musical needs. We also offer you sweet rewards if you tune your piano consistently and we send you post card reminders and emails to keep you on track. Do you have questions? Contact me and let me know by email, phone or text!

Yearly/Initial Tuning – $225

I will stabilize the piano to A440, adjust your pedals, lubricate the action as needed as ease your keys. This will lay a solid foundation for the stability and future care of your piano. I will inspect everything inside your piano and email you a complete condition report. This condition report will help you understand the current condition of your piano and includes quotes and suggestions for the future care of your piano. Save $10 and book online right now!

Once you have had your first standard tuning, you will receive a $100 reward coupon for your next six month tuning.

onlinebooking-coupon-2017Print this coupon and give it to your technician

6 Month Tuning Service (w/coupon) – $125

Consistent tuning over time creates a wonderfully stable piano! You can save $100 by having your piano tuned every six months. I will give you a coupon at each tuning for $100 off your next tuning (coupons expire 6 months from the date of issue).

When booking, select this option if you have recently had your piano tuned by Apex and have a tuning coupon or reminder card with $100 reward.

Why such a great reward?

  • It’s better for your piano!
  • It’s better for your ear!
  • It’s easier on us!


Do you have sticking keys?
A sticking key can be as simple as pulling a lost pencil out of the piano action OR the sticking key could be a symptom of a much larger problem. Either way we can fix it! For minor repairs that take less than 5 minutes we do not charge anything additional during a tuning service. When more extensive repair work is needed we bill at a rate of $25 per 15 min increments. Don’t worry, we always talk first before we do additional work.

What if there are major problems with your piano?
During my initial tuning and inspection I will be able to assess what is needed to bring your piano to optimal condition and I will give my recommendations


Grand or Upright Piano Cleaning/Detailing – $175

SAVE $25 on cleaning/detailing service when you bundle it with a tuning!

Is your piano dirty? I can get the dust off of your beautiful soundboard! Full cleaning of the the inside action and cavity of the piano. This deep cleaning service should be done about every 5-10 years or as needed depending on the dust level in your home. Once this service is complete, you can easily maintain the piano and keep the dust to a minimum.

Estimate/Consultation – $125

Having problems with your piano or need some honest advice without a high pressure sales pitch? During an estimate I perform an inspection and provide you with a written condition report and good solid advice about what you really need. I give you time to talk and time to think about what you want to do with your piano.

Pre-Purchase Inspection/Consultation – $125

CAUTION: Don’t buy a used piano without an expert opinion.
Want to know more about buying a used piano? Take a look at my free video series called “How to Buy a Great Used Piano

When purchasing a used piano from a private individual, I highly recommended a pre-purchase inspection PRIOR to the purchase. Also remember that there is no such thing as a “free” piano and I can help you make a wise decision and educate you along the way. If repairs are needed and you find them before the purchase, you can often use this to get a better deal on the piano. All pre-purchase inspections must be prepaid by credit card over the phone, online credit card payment or paypal. This service can not be booked online, to begin the process for a pre-purchase inspection please call 937-416-5166 or submit the information through the online form.

How the Pre-Purchase Inspection Works:

  1. Your provide us with pre-payment and the address and contact information of the current piano owner.
  2. We will contact the piano owner and schedule a time to inspect the piano.
  3. I will inspect the piano and contact you immediately with a full report on the piano including an estimate for any repairs needed. I will advise you about price and condition and help you make a wise purchase decision.

(no refunds are given for pre-purchase inspections)

Written Appraisals – $125

I provide a written appraisal service. This may be necessary when you need the value of your piano recorded for insurance, estate or selling purposes.


All pianos should be regulated every 5 years so they will continue to work properly. Most pianos do not receive the proper service and, over a long period of time, become sluggish and do not play like they should. I often see very expensive pianos that have not been properly regulated and play very poorly. After my regulation service, you will notice a wonderful change in the touch, tone and fell of your piano! A properly regulated piano is a joy to play. Proper regulation can make your piano feel new again!


Does your piano sound bright and harsh. Do you remember when it sounded full and round? Over time, the hammers become hard and compressed. This happens because they hit the strings thousands of times as you play for many years. Voicing can include reshaping the hammers and using special needles and tools to soften the hammer. I also use the revolutionary Rapid Voicer System and have written and published a book on this system Called How to Precisely and Artistically Voice the Piano with Dr. Jack P. Hamilton (Available to Piano Technicians world-wide at Amazon.com)


Do you have an older piano that you know needs work but you want to bring it back to life? I can help! Click Here For More Details and an overview of costs involved!

Restoration includes:

  • New hammers
  • New strings
  • Action restoration or new action installation
  • New keytops
  • And more… (ask for details)

Click Here For More Details and an overview of some costs involved.

 onlinebooking-coupon-2017Print this coupon and give it to your technician