Used Piano Guide

A pre-purchase inspection can save you hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars. Several clients of mine can tell terrible stories of purchasing a used piano and paying to have it moved in only to find that it would not hold tune and needed such major repairs that it was not even worth the money to fix the piano. How can you tell if a piano has a cracked pin block or a broken bridge? Only an experienced technician can diagnose some of the major problems that could be lurking in a used piano. You definitely want to know whats going on with the piano before you have it sitting in your living room. I can help you with that. Also, you should know that there are tons of great pianos out there on the used market for any budget. Finding the right one is key. I can help you find the perfect piano and give advice on brands, models and any other issue that can arise during your search.

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Before you buy a piano,
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2 comments on “Used Piano Guide

  1. Just purchased a Baldwin piano, made in 1981 and noticed the bridge had two screws in it , but does not effect the sound, or function of the piano. Paid 400.00 for piano. It looks like at some time the bridge had come unglued and screws were used to secure it. Will I be able to resell it when I am ready to get a new one?

    • If it has been repaired by a good technician, it should be fine but I would have to see it. When the bridges crack and pull away from the soundboard, the sound of the piano is drastically changed. An old piano can always be sold but it isn’t always the best investment. That is why I encourage you to have a pre-purchase inspection before the purchase.

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