Randy Potter School of Piano Technology

I have completed the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology and am putting the training to good use.  I will be attending the Master Piano Technicians Convention this summer.  I joined the MPT several months ago and was sponsored by Jack Hamilton.   Getting the hands on training is so important to what I have learned so far and working with Tim Upton and Jack Hamilton has given me a great advantage as I learn the craft.


I started a semi-apprenticeship in rebuilding with Tim Upton two weeks ago.  Right now I am working on a grand action.  Started by sanding and reshaping hammers and then voiced them up a bit to bring some power back to the piano.  It has a beautiful finish now, it is a 1927 Howard Grand make by Baldwin grand.  We will move on to more regulation this week.  I am about to watch the 37 steps to regulation from the Yamaha  technician the Jack gave me yesterday.  I will post some pics of the hammers later.  We also added a new green hammer rail felt.

Studying to become a Master Piano Technician

I am studying to become a master piano technician with Randy Potter through his school for piano.  Things are going great and I have a local mentor, Jack Hamilton.  With his experience and help I now have the ability to offer many services even if I do not do that specific work on the instrument at the current time. For any job, let me know what you may need.  I will become a RPT through the Piano Technicians Guild very soon.