About Eric Michael Roberts as a Piano Technician

My life has be992921_556578011056265_138920455_nen about music since the day I picked up the guitar at age 14. I graduated from Wright State University with a BA in Music Education in Piano and Voice. I studied piano tuning, repair and rebuilding at the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology and am personally mentored by Jack Hamilton, (President Master Piano Technicians) and Tim Upton, (Former Vice President of Master Piano Technicians). I am a Master Piano Tech member of the Master Piano Technicians of America and have served them as web master since 2010. I work closely with multiple music stores and lesson studios. Our team is the exclusive tuning team for Hauer Music. In this role, I have tuned and services many high-end pianos for artists, and have also tuned for Wright State University, the University of Dayton, Whittenberg University, Victoria Theatre and many others. I utilize specialized skills in regulation and voicing that I learned from private training sessions with my mentors and world-class technicians, including Steinway artist technician, Arlan Harris. Contact me to discuss your needs!

About Eric and Emily Roberts

We live in Springboro Ohio with our beautiful boy, August Clayson! Emily enjoys teaching her piano and voice students in her private studio. If we get some free time we write and produce for our music project, Eureka Park. In 2014 we opened for Sanctus Real at the Fraze. Eurka Park as 2 releases and is currently being played on WFCJ radio in Dayton (93.7) and is available on itunes. We authored a worship guitar and piano lesson program which teaches students around the world through online courses at WorshiptheKing.com. Emily’s newest dream project has been a long one in the making… she is writing a full scale musical with plans of publishing and releasing it to stages across the world.

You can see some of our latest work and get to know us better by connecting with us on Facebook.