Piano Tuning Cost


Initial Tuning/New Customer – $165

If it has been over a year since your last tuning your piano is going to need extra attention and this first service costs a little more.  I’ll check everything inside and out, stabilize the pitch, and fix basic things like sticking keys and squeaky pedals.  It’s all included and there are no hidden fees or charges!  I will also do a complete inspection and provide you with an online custom piano condition report.  After this first tuning, I will maintain your piano every 6 months or once per year for the standard tuning fee.  Save $10 and book online right now!

Stability in your piano happens over time with consistent tunings.  I recommend you book your standard 6 month tuning appointment while I am in your home!

What if there are major problems with your piano?
If I find major problems that can not be fixed within the initial appointment, I will let you know right away and discuss your options with you.

Standard Tuning Fee = $125

Most piano players prefer to have their piano tuned every 6 months and this is the recommended interval for most home use pianos.  Others choose to have their piano tuned once each year.  The choice is yours but the most important thing is that you have your trusted piano technician service piano on a regular schedule!  I make it quick and easy for you to prebook your next appointment while I am in your home and I offer several reminders so you don’t forget your upcoming appointments.  You may also choose to have a simple yearly or 6 month reminder sent to your home to keep you on track for your next tuning

Grand or Upright Piano Cleaning – $125

Is your piano dirty?  I can get the dust off of your beautiful soundboard!  Full cleaning of the the inside action and cavity of the piano.  Once this service is complete, you can easily maintain the piano and keep the dust to a minimum.

Piano Voicing Session – $125

Does your piano sound bright and harsh.  Do you remember when it sounded full and round?  Over time, the hammers become hard and compressed.  This happens because they hit the strings thousands of times as you play for many years.  Voicing can include reshaping the hammers and using special needles and tools to soften the hammer.  I also use the revolutionary Rapid Voicer System and have written and published a book on this system Called How to Precisely and Artistically Voice the Piano with Dr. Jack P. Hamilton (Available to Piano Technicians world-wide at Amazon.com)

Estimates  – $125

Having problems with your piano?  In most cases, I suggest booking an initial tuning appointment so I can tune and repair your piano at the same time.  It is the most cost and time efficient way to get your piano playing again!  If you suspect there are larger problems or you are looking for extensive repairs or restoration of your piano, you may request an estimate appointment.  I will visit your piano and give you a detailed assessment and estimate to tune, repair and get your piano playing perfectly again.  If you decide to do the work that day or within a specified time, the estimate fee can be applied to the work to be done.

Pre-Purchase Inspections –  $125

When purchasing a used piano from a private individual, I highly recommended a pre-purchase inspection PRIOR to the purchase.  Also remember that there is no such thing as a “free” piano and I can help you make a wise decision and educate you along the way.  If repairs are needed and you find them before the purchase, you can often use this to get a better deal on the piano.  All pre-purchase inspections must be prepaid by credit card over the phone or by using the pay online now!  If you purchase the piano and hire me to tune it within 30 days, you will receive $25 off your first tuning.  To order a pre-purchase inspection please call 937-416-5166 or submit the information through the online form. 

To help you out, take a look at my free video series called “How to Buy a Great Used Piano

Written Appraisals – $125

Need the value of your piano recorded for insurance, estate or selling purposes?  I can help.  Please contact us using the online form to start the process.  All appraisales must be prepaid by credit card over the phone or by using the link below.

Action Regulation Services

All pianos should be regulated every 5-10 years and touched up every year during the regular tuning!  Most pianos do not receive the proper service and, over a long period of time, they become sluggish and do not play like they should.  I see very expensive pianos all the time that have not been properly regulated and play very poorly.  After my regulation service, you will notice a wonderful change in the touch, tone and fell of your piano!  A properly regulated piano is a joy to play.  Proper regulation can make your piano feel new again!

  • Grand Piano Regulation – Starting at $600
  • Upright Piano Regulation – Starting at $400

Bring Your Old Piano Back to Life?

Do you have an older piano that you know needs work but you want to bring it back to life?  I can help!  Click Here For More Details!


Service Area Map

Green and Blue = Standard Service Areas
Outside the green or blue area a travel fee is added to standard prices.