Piano Tuning Cost


Prices Below are for my regular service area within 15-20 minute drive from Springboro.

Standard Tuning Fee – $115

Most piano players prefer to have their piano tuned every 6 months and this is the recommended interval for most home use pianos.  Others choose to have their piano tuned once each year.  This is acceptable for a low use instrument or for young beginners.

Initial Tuning/New Customer – $165

At your first tuning, I will spend extra time  to stabilize the pitch and make special adjustments to the keys, hammers, and pedals (referred to as regulation and voicing).  After this first tuning, I will maintain your piano every 6 months or once per year for $115.
NOTE:  If you have had a regular technician and and have had your piano tuned within the last 6 months, I will waive the initial fee.

Assessment and Estimate Service Fee – $115

A sticking key can be fixed with a simple adjustment or may need several hours or work and repair to broken parts. There are thousands of moving parts inside the piano!  For pianos with issues like sticking/broken keys or other complex problems, it is impossible to know exactly what you need and how much it will cost over the phone! I will visit your piano and give you a detailed assessment and estimate to tune, repair and get your piano playing perfectly again.  If you decide to do the work that day, the service fee will be credited toward the repair costs.  For estimates concerning in-depth work, please call or email.

Repairs, Voicing and Regulation = $125 per hour

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Piano Tuning Dayton Service Map


Outside 20 minute drive from Springboro, Ohio?

I am only accepting a select number of new customers in the extended area.  First, request a tuning online and I will review your request and contact you with more information.